Our secret sauce is the wide range of services we provide, to make your companies dreams come true!

“If You Would Like to Increase Your Companies Profits, Consider Thinking...

What if ?”

We Strive to Improve Your Business, Product(s) & Profits!!

Synergy Resources is a company like no other. We have a broad range of services to help your business achieve more.

VeteranGO: We help US Veterans, active military and everyone else sell products on Amazon. Synergy Resources Worldwide is a US Veteran owned business and we sell through the brand VeteranGO on Amazon and other platforms. Our goal is to find products that are selling very well on websites and handle all their Amazon sales. Also, companies that are already selling on Amazon, but not experiencing the sales they desire can turn the Amazon portion over to us and we can handle the very complex world of Amazon for you. Want to make a fortune on Amazon, call us 800-913-9923 TODAY!!!

Licensing Agent: We can take your idea or product and license it to the largest companies in the world. We have the connections to make it happen, while you sit back and collect a check.

Prototyping: We take take your idea and MAKE IT REAL! With 3D capabilities in ABS industrial plastic and fabric designers, anything is possible.

Printing: every business needs printing and we can do it all. From brochures, marketing materials, labels, forms, business cards and more.

Synergy Resources is also a premier spend reduction advisor that strives to help our global customers avoid or recover overpayments to their suppliers.   For more than a dozen, select indirect cost segments, we specialize in:

•Auditing Vendor Invoices

•Benchmarking Prices

•Negotiating Better Contracts

•Maximizing Spend Efficiency

Our services are delivered by a world-class network of category specialists who have uncovered on single engagements savings of as much as 40% and $40,000,000 in dollar terms. Our customers range from companies on the Fortune 10 list to elementary schools, and no matter what their size, they all receive the same, unrivaled level of service.

With performance-based fees for most of our services, customers always win. Our reviews are unobtrusive and consume only a few hours of client resources. We are committed to excellence, professionalism, and integrity in everything we do. We invite you to join the ranks of our satisfied customers who have saved billions.